Any Gain Capital Traders care to share their experience about the firm?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by T-Bone Trader, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. Looking to move away from FXCM after what happened today

    They locked me out for an hour - costing me big profits

    They exited out of positions even though I had no stop-loss in place - it suddenly miraculously appeared when my old stop-loss parameter touched (total BS)

    I have to admit that I didn't really believe all the talk about fx brokers being crooks but definitely, truth to it

    Is Gain Capital any better?

    How's the trading platform compared to FXCM?
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    I wouldn't go there if I was you. Their platform is not that good, imo. Lot's of slippage and delays in execution.

    But, before you decide try their demo and see if you like it.
  3. Same borderline criminal organization as FXCM.

  4. So does this make Open E Cry bad by association since they're an IB for Gain?
  5. Every broker is going to let you down at some point. But changing brokers every time something bothers you is going to lead you to a number of lifetime broker changes.

    What if you had avoided big losses during the hour you were out? Would you be griping???

    Try having a little thicker skin. You will wind up with your money being trapped while you wait for new broker setups. And some drag their feet on the transfer out. But they rush the transfer in. One of mine took less than 24 hours getting the money in. They took several weeks to get around to sending me a check when I did a partial redemption

  6. Good points - just pretty peeved that the platform went back online at the exact moment my position went from +50 pips to -35 pips

    Did you have any issues with requesting profit checks during the time when your account was active?

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    T-Bone Trader

    Hello, what platform did you use?
    Trading Station
    Active Trader or
  8. Quote from T-Bone Trader:

    Good points - just pretty peeved that the platform went back online at the exact moment my position went from +50 pips to -35 pips

    it was pure coincidence. I have seen people complaining about their broker multiple times in a month. I had a broker (Xpresstrade) many years ago, that cost me a third of my trading capital based on their inhouse attempt to encode their own OCO logic on an instrument that did not have it. It hit my large PO and then my disaster StopLoss (SL) 30 minutes apart, and they did not flush the other side of the trade (the stoploss). A very expensive lesson in the concept of "Not Held."

    Of course, if it hit my SL and PO in the other direction, I would have been toasting my fortune.
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    not a big fan of their platforms
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    hi T-Bone Trader,

    I checked with our technical support team and client services and there were no reported technical issues that they were aware of. Do you remember what the error message was saying when you were trying to login or did you contact FXCM during that hour?

    If there is a technical issues then we can open a trade audit and make any adjustments if the error was on our side. Please either contact client services for a trade audit or you can private message me directly for help with this. Technical issues are not intentional, and FXCM is not profiting through your losses on no dealing desk execution. Any adjustments we make due to technical issues come out of our own pocket, so it is something we seek to avoid at all costs.

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