Any FX traders from Brisbane/Gold coast/Sunshine coast, Australia?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Grantly, Oct 1, 2019.

  1. Grantly


    Hit me up if you are in or around the Brisbane / Gold Coast / Sunshine Coast region and would like to catch up for a beer and a chat. Be good to make some trading mates.
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  2. OrionGold


    Hi Mate, I'm in Brisbane. Be worth seeing if there are enough people on the forum to start a meet up.
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  3. Grantly


    Hey OrionGold, Good to hear from you. I wasn't expecting any replies. Yeah a meetup sounds good. Even a catch up for a beer and a bullshit sometime. Where are you located in Brisbane?
  4. Yes, Brisbane north side
  5. let's meet in airlie beach
  6. destriero


    Scott Phillips, you're not invited.
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  7. Funny guy. According to his emails, Scott lives in Thailand.
  8. Grantly


    I'm confused . . .
  9. Sorry was replying to another comment, accusing me of being Scott Phillips, who has a thread here against him.

    Where you based?
  10. Grantly


    Oh ok, no worries. I'm in Cleveland / Brisbane. Where are you mate?
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