Any FX platforms from banks catering for retail traders?

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  1. Looks like some international banks have already provided their online FX platforms targeting the market of active retail traders.

    Have you tried any of them? How do you compare them against other spot FX platforms?

    Perhap we should produce a list here for easy reference and comparison.


    Foreign Exchange Margin Trading
    Citibank Foreign Exchange Margin Trading is designed for experienced investors in foreign currency investment.

    * Offer up to 15 times the amount of your deposits
    * Designated Treasury Portfolio Consultant who looks after your account and provides up-to-date market information
    * Minimum margin collateral deposit of US$10,000 with minimum transaction amount of US$100,000 or equivalent. The minimum transaction amount for online channel could be as low as US$50,000 or equivalent.
    * Trade in 8 major currencies including USD, AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, NZD and JPY with 28 cross currency combinations
    * Innovative online trading tool - FX Margin-Online
    * Order watching services"


    marketindex - ABN AMRO's new trading platform
    for active traders:

    * Instant access to equity indices, currencies, commodities and bonds
    * 24 hours, 5 days a week
    * No start-up costs or transaction fees
    * Tight spreads - maximum transparency
    * Power Trading & Box-Options
    * Stateless technology with no need to download Software

    More info"

    Who are the others?
  2. Some banks think they can charge anything... From their website:

    USD/JPY 120.20/120.30
    EUR/USD 1.2918/1.2928
    GBP/USD 1.9583/1.9593
    USD/CHF 1.2470/1.2480
    AUD/USD 0.7844/0.7854
    NZD/USD 0.6918/0.6928
    USD/CAD 1.1701/1.1711
    USD/HKD 7.7975/7.7985

    Must not be the competition over in Asia like there is in the US.
  3. I think the major banks will offer FX trading to retail traders in the future, they offer stocks and options so why not FX at leverages of 100:1? I'm with BMO InvestorLine and wish they offered FX.

    Retail FX isn't taken seriously and is on the same level as poker, bingo, lotto 649, etc. Those forex info commercials and RefcoFX don't help, but I do think in 5 -10 years FX will have a better reputation.