Any FX charting software that does ...

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by alex.samant, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. ... plot the pivot points automatically? (calculated at 5PM EST).

    Also, when you look at a 15 minute chart for example, you will have to see how, at 5 pm est the lines change.

  2. Thanks. I just found my dream package.

    Fibonacci Trader with FX data.

    Thanks a lot all who PMed me.

  3. I'll second the MT4 recommendation. Free software, free data, and auto-pivots across all timeframes (see ex.). I've tried to do the same in TradeStation, but I could never replicate it exactly.

    Never heard of Fibonacci Trader, but I will check them out.
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  4. thanks all.
    i like the fact that fibonacci trader allows you to plot the 1hour MACD for example on a 15min chart.... along with other nice features... MetaTrader is nice but i couldn't find any pivot indicators.... any of you have any?