Any Futures traders in Tampa, FL

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by mgiles1, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. mgiles1


    Recently moved to tampa from NY. Was a NYMEX Trader for 5 years. Looking for any traders in the area or any companies looking for traders
  2. gimp570


    i dont think that there are any trading office left in the area...BUt there are a few traders here and there.....

    not like the good old days
  3. Hi

    I know you posted your questions some time ago. I am a commodities trader and looking for work in Tampa Bay area. Have you found anything? Thanks
  4. vjay


    I can't give you a specific answer but both of you may want to check out:
    On the home page select the Tampa Club.

    It's a pretty active club with it's meetings well attended. You may be able to network
    or find some info to your liking
  5. Thanks, I'll give it a try :cool:
  6. There is a nice streaptease club "Cheetah" in Sarasota FL. this is the best place for local traders meetings...:)
  7. Traded for a year in St Pete in 1998. Hated the bugs and got the hell out. Miss the teenie bikinis, though.