Any full time traders in the Long Island area looking for desk space?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by brucelevy, Jul 3, 2018.

  1. I am looking to surround myself with other successful full time traders and would like to know if you'd be interested in a traders only co-work space.

    I recently moved out of a shared space where I among other traders traded daily, it was a great atmosphere; much better than trading from home.

    Let me know if you have been looking for something like this, I am on the North Shore in Suffolk County and will be opening a space large enough for up to 10 traders soon.
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  2. wrbtrader


    Why did you moved out of the prior shared co-work space ?

    Also, was it a prior co-work space before you arrived or was it something you converted a space into a co-work space ?

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    whats the zip code? i am in queens and looking for co traders, since trading from home has me turned into a dull trader.
  4. It was 1 trader when I arrived and we grew it to about 5-6 at its max.

    The owner of the office space called it quits after a few years and everyone went there own way for the most part.
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