Any full time traders in San Francisco?

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  1. sfwind


    I am a position trader using leverage to manage a medium-term portfolio consists of a basket of stocks and options. Looking for another trader to interact with and bounce off ideas...
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  2. Handle123


  3. >>>I am in Bay Area. Happy to exchange ideas.
  4. Is it true that smells of marijuana now permeates most streets of San Francisco? Someone who has just moved from SF to Austin, TX says so. Many Californians are moving to Austin for some reason.
  5. >>>Yes....True. CA to Austin move has been going for long time.
  6. toucan


    Danville hereā€¦ where are you?
  7. East Bay...Fremont
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  8. I can't think of a time when that wasn't the case.
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  9. :D:D

    not the type of air that traders want to be breathing every day. bad for decision making.
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  10. zhucap


    I'm in SF and trade mainly options. Would love to hook up no homo
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