Any full-time traders in Madrid, Spain ?

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  1. Please do. Use to work in HK myself, came back from Asia a few years ago. Fiscal is easy: you can t beat HK... Trade off I guess.
    Haha my French sounding id makes it quite hard not to stand out on an anglo saxon site.. Just like yours, Spanish.
    #21     Apr 6, 2015
  2. TOS is "Thinkorswim", TD Waterhouse's trading platform. I'm a half local as well. I'd love to talk stocks over a caña in Madrid with traders
    #22     Apr 6, 2015
  3. I trade index only, (may look to short some hype names when I feel the index is rolling over..) but I could do week ends, mostly, eg this Saturday? 2 is a crowd, 3 is company :)
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  4. Check with me Friday afternoon. Let's see if we can meet for a chat on Saturday.
    Have a good trading week!
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  5. Hey TheataPositive
    I just messaged you. Sorry for the late response... To anyone who wants to contact me my number is +34 693 107 926 I live in the República Argentina area.
    #25     Apr 11, 2015