Any full-time traders in Madrid, Spain ?

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  1. Would be nice to hook up and exchange views on the IBEX and Spanish equities.
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    Hola !

    See your PM.
  3. am starting out for the past year and a half. trading CAC and S&P indices, eurousd and euroyen, a bit of gold lately.. CFD
  4. Hey I'm in Madrid. Does anyone want to meet up ?
  5. Hi. What do u trade? For how long have u been trading for?
  6. I usually trade US equities or ETFs... but sometimes i trade currencies... not just currency ETFs...
  7. I see. I only trade CFDs, only equity indices, some pairs and gold. I suppose you re working or studying so it makes sense to trade the US, which I only trade up to about 5pm.
  8. You are right, I am studying here... So my "trading day" starts at 3:30pm. So either I manually enter my positions at that time or input my predefined entry levels that hopefully will get hit so I enter a trade.

    I trade a little bit of Commodity and Country ETF's. So we do have that in common !

    All the time though I try to limit my correlated bets. For example, if I trade the Canada ETF (EWC) then I try to stay away from any Oil, Commodity or Canadian Dollar trades going on at the same time.

    Here is a chart to illustrate what I mean. (Just basic inter market correlations)
    Canada study.png
  9. I am a directional trader, so when I want to be long something, usually I look for a signal to short anti-correlated assets. Concentrated bets, trying to respect stops as much as possible
  10. How do you chose a direction ? Are you a discretionary trader or mechanical ? Or do you blend styles ? Discretionary with a mechanical filter?
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