Any full time day traders out there?

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    Any full time day traders that are interested in connecting. I would like to have someone I can share my trading journey with i.e reflecting on the trading day, successes, failures, motivating each other, sharing ideas etc. I have tried posting before with no luck.
    I trade strictly stocks and etfs. If that is what you trade it is even better since we will have something in common to discuss.
    A brief intro about me, I graduated with a bachelor's in electrical engineering, I work full time as a senior software engineer in CA and I got into day trading roughly 2.5 yrs ago. I still trade small position sizes. It took a while for me to develop my strategy and test it.
    Also I am female. I heard we make better traders ;)

    Anyway if you are a full time trader and interested please PM me with a brief intro. Thanks!
  2. Why don't you start a journal ?
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  3. You are a part time/trade from work trader. You want to connect with full time traders. For obvious reasons.
    But why would a full time trader want to connect with you?
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    Ok I will try starting a journal but I suspect to many cooks will spoil the kitchen
  5. rin4et


    No I am a full time trader. I work as a software engineer after the market closes
  6. Maybe she's hot and single and has an interest in trading ?

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    Unfortunately Donna left ET.
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    I'm not 100% sure she did.
  9. A more interesting question is who are the elitetraders on this forum who are full-time traders for the past 5 years and earning much more than the average person.
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    And this burning question benefits you how?
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