Any free real-time options pricer?

Discussion in 'Options' started by turkeyneck, May 7, 2010.

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    Did you find a replacement that offered similar features?
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    I log into scottrade to view options quotes- it's annoying- if anyone has a free outside link, it'd be appreciated.
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    I have access to Scotrade but they don't have IV in the chains (as OX does/did), at least I don't see it. CBOE has chains but no IV.

    Got IV?
  4. Spin,

    Just as a question: Is it possible to open an OX account and just have say $500 in it just for getting IV chains? You would also get their other tools of course if you did that. I don't think they charge any fees such as inactivity, but I could be wrong and you'd want to be carefull about it of course.

    I do use OptionsXpress myself, and I have the default view to show me the IV, and it is very useful. I am surprised others don't do it, considering it's really just a simple calc they can run very easily since they have the other data.

    I guess my other advice would be to send an email to Scotrade and who ever else you use requesting the feature.

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    Thanks... been there, doing that. I have an idle $500 account at Scottrade so that I can get free streaming real time Dow Jones News (used to pay $39.95 a month at Ameritrade). Might have to do the same at OX.
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    In case you weren't aware of it, the OX site is up and running again.
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