Any free E-MINI charting

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by freewilly, Oct 7, 2006.

  1. Would like to learn about E-MINI. My account is TDameritrade which doesn't do E-MINI. I checked CME website, but the intraday charting does not have all the info I want. I want some charts that provides volume, intraday, 5 minutes period, or even 2 minute period. You can put indicators on the charts, such as MA, MACD, etc. It does not have to be real time charting.

    Anyone knows a website that rpovide free charting?



    you might have to signe up
  3. My suggestion is if you are serious about trading the e-mini's, then spend the few bucks to get real-time charting. You'll be able to save templates, get the data real-time, etc.
  4. I would suggest this. Sign up for a demo for transact. You can call Infinity Futures or Pro Active Futures. This will get you real time data for e-minis and the get a 1 week trial to Sierra Chart. Then pump the data into Sierra Charts. It's the best bang for the buck IMO. Believe when I say ( coming from someone who has struggled to make consistent money trading e-minis my first year ) that real time data fees will be the least of your concerns, when it comes to losing your $.
  5. Thanks, guys. is what I want. I signed up for a free premium chart service, but I haven't receive the confirmation email yet. Even so, from what I can get on that site now, it is pretty close to what I want.

    Thank you for all the advices. If I start to trade, even just paper trade, I definitely will get real time charting. Trading without real time charting is like walking blind. Right now, I just want to look at some intraday E-MINI charts to see if I have a "feel" of them.