Any free/cheap sites/sources for Live data Feed for USA Indices (Dow, Nasdaq, S&P)?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by voodoo31, May 6, 2012.

  1. voodoo31


    Can anyone recommend any free sites or cheap sources for live market data feed/streem (no delay) for Indices Dow, S&P, Nasdaq?
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    Hi just21

    Thanks for the suggestion and I have already looked into interactivebrokers. The problem is to set up an account with them is minimum $10,000.

    As I already have an online broker it seems a big cost just to get their data feed as I may not trader with them much. Also once you join they still charge extra for the data feed (although it does not seem expensive)
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    Try IQFeed...Some $50/month...
  5. Bob111


    you have to be more specific about what
    EXACTLY are you looking for. backtesting,trades ,time frame, etc.
    you can get free data from yahoo. you can get realtime data on many products from yahoo for about $13. you can use yahoo even for trading,without real time subsciption,cause they provide free data from bats and if you trade some really liquid stocks-it should be more than enough.

    however-if you planning to incorporate data into your application,or use it for backtesting-it will be whole different story.
    here is another source-
  6. voodoo31


    Hi Bob111

    Let me be more specific about my needs. I'm trading FX AUDUSD and AUDJPY. The AUD moves very closely with movements in the USA Indexes (Dow, Nasdaq, S&P500) during US trading hours.

    For example as the Dow Jones starts going up, the AUD goes up in value and similarly as the Dow goes down so does the AUD. OK not 100% but it is not far from it.

    Currently I have delayed data so I'm always a step behind. So I just want a visual real time feed/streaming of these indexes values.

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  8. google finance is free and real-time
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    Hi EvoTrader

    Regarding Googe finance do you have a link to there real time data or how to get it?

    For example I'm looking at their link to Dow Jones Average now (the market is currently open) and it is definitely not real time date. It appears to be 15 minute delayed.

  10. That link is real-time for me. Try SPY or DIA if the indexes aren't real-time.
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