Any Formula One Fans?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JMowery1987, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. Anyone in here fans of Formula One racing?

    Who likes what driver/team in here?

    I'm personally all over BMW, but hope the Minardi team could pull out a few wins once in awhile *hah, what a miracle that would be*

    I have nothing against oval racing, but, it is just a shame how many americans reject real road course racing, and probably have never watched a few of the races. I hope I can go to a race in person in the future.

    So anyone else in here an F1 fanatic as I am? If so, who do you like for the 2006 season?
  2. No. Drive em in packs like Nascar and Im there! Honestly, I like it too, just not as exciting to me. Tell Danica I said Hi. Enjoy.
  3. Danica Patrick doesn't race Formula One... are you thinking the same type of racing that I am???
  4. i used to like nigel mansel. he actually came to america and drove our indy cars and did ok. most of the guys they have now could never even make a nascar race.
    they need to get some american drivers to build some interest over here.
  5. F1, Indy, doh! I kinda put em together... thats my bad! :(
  6. Anyone think that American Scott Speed will do any good in the race in Bahrain?

    I hope the kid does good. I know Red Bull has sponsored that "Next American Grand Prix Champ" type deal for several years now. Hopefully he can carry the USA in F1 and hopefully the sport would gain popularity here.

    Should be a great race Sunday!
  7. I'm as much of an FI fan as I have time to be. I got a chance to watch the race in Montreal a few years back. It's just down the road from me. Michael won that one. I mostly follow Ferrari but only at arms length. I am up late so I usually see the races live. I had heard some rumours that Kimi was going to end up at Ferrari this year but it's Massa, right? It will be interesting to see what Reubens can do at Honda. I was happy to see an end to the Ferrari dominance last year. Hopefully we will have some good story lines going forwards as the boys from Maranello see if they can recover, and the others see if they can grab the brass ring.

    (Just did a Google search and learned that Red Bull have Ferrari Power this year. Must be last year's engine).

    Of course I used to follow Jacques Villeneuve, but he hasn't done much lately, whether as a result of a bad ride or whatever.

    My only other thoughts are that Toyota and/or Honda should eventually win a World Championship. Would you agree, JW?

    Re: the sport in the US, I don't know whose fault it was last year, but that was just a total debacle. Hope they can get it right this year. I think the year before was a big success too, wasn't it? I don't believe that F1 can't become the pre-eminent 'road format' (is that the right terminology?) in the US.
  8. Yeah, last year was horrible for US Fans of F1.

    I felt so sad once only 6 cars rolled off, it's like part of F1 rolled off from the USA forever.

    I hope Toyota can pull off a victory.

    I always love the underdogs.

    This season things are so different with rule changes and such... and the FIA trying to make the sport closer with limiting the engines and such.

    I really don't know what to expect. It should be interesting to watch though.

    Glad tire changes are back and everything. Just hope F1 does a good job this year and treats the fans to a good season.

    Definately excited to see them roll off again for 2006.