Any Formula 1 Fans?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Kastro_316, May 2, 2004.

  1. This is a long shot but does anyone follow F1?
    I use to race Formula 1600 and F2000....
  2. I am!

    Although it hasn't been the same since my man Eddie left.....
    Even though no one believes me, I've actually raced before... Well, ok, my dad raced Spec Racers but I took a course when I was 16 and mastered heel-toe..... although being that I'm a girl with relatively small feet its rather difficult to actually do in a regular car.

    I might even go see them in Indy...
  3. There yah go, Kastro, and she's lookin for a date, too!

    Good luck with that.
  4. more of a WRC fan.. whats going on with Raikonnen, is it him or the car this season?
  5. Turok


    It's definitely him...he can't build an engine that will last the race.


  6. mark1

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    Having lived for 5 years in Imola and part of my childhood in Modena, I guess you can count me as a fan

    GO SCHUMY!!! :D
  7. Definitely a fan since my first Monaco in '81.

    MS looks to be the lock for a record breaking (his own) seventh WDC.
  8. The car not only has had four engine failures so far this season, but doesn't hit the road that well either. McLaren will sort it out eventually. I'd like to see Raikonnen at Ferrari someday.
  9. Ah, Modena and the Hotel Fini as well as the restaurant Cavallino. I lost a car once for about four hours in that circular shopping area.
  10. If anyone lives or visits the AZ area, you MUST go to the Penske Racing Museum in N. Scottsdale. They've a fantastic selection of former winning cars including the famous "Spin and Win" car. They also show the progression of technology, power and speed over the past several decades...
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