Any former drinkers who quit for good?

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    I'm interested in hearing experiences from any former drinkers who stopped. You don't have to be a reformed alcoholic, just anyone who used to drink socially or heavily and no longer does (or went dry for a while, then relapsed).
  2. What would you like to know? Last drink was 8/2/85.
  4. Yea I stopped drinking water a couple years ago, switched over to nice smooth beer poured ice cold out from the tap. Best decision I ever made.
  5. are you a former drinker? Now day trading? Seems to be the logical next choice, well done!

  6. Many moons ago, I quit liquor.

    Nothing but the good stuff now.
  7. I'm not much of a movie watcher but one evening I'm watching tv flipping channels, stopped at a movie with kevin cosner.

    One particular scene. It's a rural scene, probably down south, Kevin Cosner walks up to a back porch with a 16 oz Bud. I think to a girlfriends house. he knocks on the door, no answer, takes a drink of Bud sets the can on the window sill and walks in.

    From my couch, I could tell you how much beer was left in the can and the temperature of the beer and EXACTLY what it tastes like.

    Some things just stay with you, even after you quit.
  8. It takes a few years before the dreams of being drunk stop.

    Don't miss the #&^%# hangovers.

    Don't miss the blackouts

    Don't miss the workouts to get back in physical shape.

    Don't miss the massive dinner tabs.

    Do miss..the usual stuff:D
  9. When I was younger I rarely had drink.. But when I did, I overdid it every time. Several times in my twenties I would drink 30 cans of beer and get so sick the next day every single hair on my head hurt.
    I stopped doing this long time ago. Now in my forties I drink beer almost every day, but only 4-5 330ml cans or bottles. I never get drunk and I feel great.
    I only drink in the evening before going to bed.
    I don't like any other kind of alchocolic beverage, tried some very expensive and fancy stuff, wasn't impressed.

    I absolutelly don't drink when I trade.

    If someone ever told me (my doctor for example) that I should stop drinking beer... well, I don't think I could do it.
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    Cutten, you live in London, it is part of the culture, don't worry about it.
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