any forex signal services you stand behind?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by chipmunk, May 7, 2011.

  1. hi

    Has anyone actually ever used a forex signal service that gave profits or are they all B*S*? There must be some good ones people have experience with?

  2. fx signal services won't be profitable for one reason only:

    all clients will do everything to lose money. even with a successful service or program- they will not choose it or they will stop trading just before a winning trades and begin/resume trading right AFTER the winning trades.
  3. apart from that, its a losing business for the signal provider- nobody subscribes to robust signals. while thousands of people subscribe to the most shitty ones. there is no incentive to offer it
  4. chipmunk...this is a tough thread....I think you wanted links...It would not be fair to the advertisers that pay here in ET to allow links to the various signal services to be posted free here in this thread.

    Generally, I have not found any signal services that are profitable and consistent, for what it is worth.

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    Hey chipmunk there some good ones out there, i sent a mail to u, dnt know if i am allowed to post the name of the provider here publicly..all d best
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    I wouldn't trust anyone's signals except my own. :D
  7. No
  8. Do your homework chipmunk, do your homework.
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    Does this mean you know there are good ones but you won't tell

    Or are you saying there is no such thing as a good FX singls firm