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  1. i been doin pretty "boss" on the simulator

    any forex brokers out there with MT4 that are legit
  2. None that I know of. MT4 is built for Dealers not Traders.


  3. cstfx


    Take a look at MB Trading - they claim to be ECN and their MT4 uses the same feed.

    You can also use MT bridge to link up the software to execute trades thru IB's ECN:

    Also, if you are using MT4 for their EA's you can build pretty much get the same or similar functions in NinjaTrader's Ninjascript, which connects with various brokers.
  4. Moderate

    MB Trading is surely worth a look. Also check out ATG Marketplex.

    They have Currenex, Hotspot ECN and Integral going into MT4. The required account minimums are 50K for this level.

    I have attached a screenshot from my platform.
  5. I don't know why anyone is concerned about trading with a CA//EU/US regulated
    and probably others MT4 broker, pariticularly since the NFA has finally taken action
    against Gain and I K O N re the use of the MetaQuotes 'Virtual Dealer Plug-ln'

    running charts of the eurusd from Oanda, any MT4 broker and 6E via NinjaTrader
    there's little to no difference between the price bars of 1min charts, tho there is a
    difference of a few pips between brokers and between brokers and the Globex 6E
    price, although last time I checked Broco's seemed to be the same as the 6E

    there's also a difference between their ticking, when the 6E will be static and MT4/
    Oanada ticking, and sometimes v v, also Oanda has 30 10 and 5 sec charts

    as to execution and fills, that's generally a variable from broker to broker regardless
    if an ECN or whatever source is used, excepting 6E trades, which are of course
    cleared thru the CME Globex servers, not a broker/3rd party
  6. Hello

    does the ticking change over time or is it not the same for everyone?

    Thanks for the answer (I'm new :)
  7. What have you tried so far? I've been using LucrorFx.. They have pretty good customer service.