Any Fixed Income traders out there....?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by tracedef, Dec 19, 2002.

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    I would love to hear from you......Anyone have any experience first or second hand about working at PIMCO? Thanks.
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    If anyone has experience working at PIMCO, tell us before they decide to buy 100,000 Eurodollar contracts. Please.
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    Did for mny years before getting into stocks a few years ago. Not with the firm you mentioned.
  4. what can i do 4 u.... bone is the resident note trader around here, but I can help you on any yield enhancement program questions
  5. Are you interested in trading fixed income or working for Pimco?
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    on applying to PIMCO and essentially transitioning from equities to fixed income. I don't expect to be trading anything for quite a while, obviously, if I am fortunate enough to land a position there. I'd love to hear about experiences anyone has had there. I'd also love to hear from traders who have experience trading bonds and equities and their thoughts on which vehicle they prefer and why.........I'm beginning a transition that means I'm really having to start from scratch and dig into a lot of new concepts and strategies that are very new to me. I'm hoping that others' experiences might add a little perspective on what I'm getting into.......... Thanks guys, I really appreciate you taking your time to respond.
  7. Best of luck with Pimco. Only advice I can offer is to read Pimco's pm's bios. You'll see that the overwhelming path to Pimco was through an advanced degree and prior sell side experience. I can only imagine how many resumes they receive. You'll have to find a way to differentiate yourself from the pack and be PERSISTANT.

    As far as trading bonds goes-I was formerly a bond trader at a sell side firm hence my predisposition to trading what I know. I find that I'm also much more in tune with the macro picture that influence fixed income securities vs equities.

    Hope this helps.
  8. trace,,,,
    expect to make alot of money, and work long hours
  9. I have been told by a friend of a friend who works there that of course it is hard to get into but they do really like the higher education degree applicants and that you cannot really get anywhere at PIMCO without one unless you want to be a glorified office clerk. Then unfortunately a big help would be to know someone who works there. Regardless of the difficulties I believe there is almost always a way to get in places like that if they are hiring it is just finding the right path.
  10. Most of the time its who you know that gets you in the door.
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