Any firm with comparable micro futures commission with Interactive Broker?

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  1. IB chart really sucks! It doesn't even have snap-on feature when you draw trend line or Fibonacci line that make them imprecise. Any firm with comparable commission for the micro e-mini futures contracts with Interactive Broker but has better charting software than IB chart?
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    What is IB's commies on the equity micros?
  3. For MES, 47 cents total per contract per side.
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    AMP is 0.37 per side, but they are a discount broker that does futures and FOP only. But they do support many trading platforms.
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    Can't be all things to all people with our main focus on quality of execution. However, IBKR has an open API where many 3rd parties have excellent charting packages that can be used along with your account.
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    My goodness !!! You are complaining everywhere in ET.
    The more we complain, the angrier we are, the more $$$ we lose from trading.

    I am not a great fan of IB.
    But I am still using IB even after 3 decades.

    As mentioned, go evaluate different trading platform, and charting software.
    There are probably more than 20 trading platforms
    and more than 10 charting software to evaluate.
    And there are quite a few useful info about the various tools in ET.
    Don't stubbornly persist to use IB and IB only.
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  7. I have TWS buil 978.1f and NinjaTrader installed on 64 bit Window7. It takes very long time for NinjaTrader chart to load historic data due to throttling that IB has in place. I asked IB to relax the throttling so that I can use NinjaTrader chart properly, but IB refused my request. IB imposed pacing limitations rendered NinjaTrader practically useless. Is IB shooting itself in the foot?
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  8. "I am not a great fan of IB.......Don't stubbornly persist to use IB and IB only......But I am still using IB even after 3 decades."

    My goodness !!! You've lost me, my friend! :)
  9. I wonder how much cost for its trading platforms.
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    A large number are free. I use Sierra Chart Package 3 which AMP provide for free. Have a look at their web site and also their other site which is a cost calculator which complies your all in costs based on account size and software/datafeed selection (
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