Any Firm Giving Risk Free Overnight Capitals?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by qll, Jul 12, 2006.

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    Is SwiftTrade the only firm giving out risk free capitals. (use firm capital, no loss from personal money)? I don't know why they charge a course fee of $1000 in China.

    Is the buying power Swifttrade giving intra day only? Intra day power is useless for me. I hate day trading.

    I need risk free, no cost, overnight capital, between $1M to $5M. Profit sharing model looks good to me. Expected return is between 20% to 60%.
  2. really think someone is going to give you capital for free? Damn there are some dumb people on here. First, you will pay interest on capital usage, then you will pay for excessive risk in the form of a haircut or capital usage charge.

    No one is going to back an unproven trader, regardless of your recent track record.

    Get Real!
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    How do you define a PROVEN trader?

    For me, it is not trading, it is business. I buy and hold until I want to sell it. Same for walmart buying cloth from China and sell it in stores. Because marketing research is done, walmart knows there is a demand. Because cost is low, profit margin is high, or the margin of safty is high. Clearance of cloth is seen in walmart, but because the walmart potfolio is diversified, the risk of all cloth is on clearance is none.

    That is the same method I make money in stocks. Loss is impossible for me. Research+RiskManagement+Time+Tricks=NoRiskProfit.
    Seen so many people done that. I have done that. If you see Sun rises from the East for 1000 days, you bet it will come up from the East the next day.

    If I can get long term capital at prime rate for more than 5 years, I will get it.

    I can not predict rain will fall tomorrow, but I am pretty sure rain will fall this year. That is why I hate day trading and go for overnight.
  4. I'm looking for a similiar thing as well. Several years of profitable trading under my belt.

    Looking for large capital, risk free, long term at a fixed interest. Profit sharing can be negotiated.
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    You really shouldn't hold back like that, let 'em know what you really think! :D :D :D

  6. A B C D E F -- there you go, keep those Capitals as many nights as you like for free.
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    What the hell? If you're "proven" and can't be wrong, what wrong with taking risk? Take a second mortgage out on your house and throw that all into the market. You won't have to share a dime with anyone!
  8. With a statement as stupid as that, you've just proven why nobody will back you for free.
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    Do you think Swift would provide free capital to anybody for overnight? There's no way to protect against overnight moves which is completely adverse to their business are absolutely retarded to think anyone would agree to the kind of deal you want.