Any Firm Back Ag Traders?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by rt5909, Nov 25, 2009.

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    I'm looking to change firms, and have gone through the usual suspects;

    1. Hanley -- wasn't impressed
    2. HTG -- not sure since they recently merged
    3. Geneva -- no response
    4. Infinium -- no response

    Just curious if you guys know of anyone who IS hiring traders in the ag markets: specifically market-maker type traders for some of the lower liquidity markets (in both the meats and grains). I am experienced in trading these futures, as well as spreads, and have done cash and basis arbitrage in the past working for a commercial grain operation.
  2. which markets specifically do you trade?? Lower liquidity as in hogs and feeder cattle or low liquidity as in milk spreads and pork bellies? :D
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    haha no, I do not trade either pork bellies or any dairy products.

    Lately just old/new crop soybean spreads, and fronth month feeder and live cattle spreads.
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  5. latidude


    That feeder/live spread can't be going well on a mean reversion, market making methodology - not for the past couple days at least.

    Feeder really took out some buy stops and live looks like it's headed lower. Did you stop out or are you to the spread?

    I think you could have waited for a better time to bump this thread. :/
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    I think you mistook me...I make markets in feeder and live cattle spreads. As in the calendar spreads in each market, not the intermarket.

    And what would be a better time?? I have a few reasons for wanting to make a change now.