Any Filtering & Backtesting Software Out There?

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    I'm not talking about Wealth-Lab type software, where you have to specify a portfolio of stocks to backtest a strategy on. I'm referring to software that you define a strategy for picking stocks, and it will look backwards (based on a user-defined timeframe) and test against the entire universe of tickers to determine which stocks would have been chosen by your strategy through time and how those stocks would have performed. The only apps that I found that can do that are Zacks Research Wizard and VectorVest Autotester & Simulator. I've tried both, and they both have pluses and minuses. But, I'm wondering if anyone's tried any other backtesters out there and could make any recommendations.

    Thanks for your help!
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    Check out Portfolio123..its much better than Zacks
  3. Might be what you are looking for
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    Thanks for the responses. As a Zacks research wizard user, I've always wondered with these backtesting services -- How can we be sure that the companies that create them aren't hording users' ideas and using them to their own benefit, either by incorporating them into their own account or selling the ideas to hedge funds? Might sound ridiculous, but I'm just thinking what I would do if I were in their shoes. :D
  5. for backtesting, charting , ANYTHING !!
    AMIBROKER .... IS THE ONLY CHOICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Depends on the data feed.
    Which one are you using ?
    BTW: How does the new release look ? Clean ?
  7. i already use amibroker for tech analysis; can i use it for fundamental screening too; is anyone successfully using it to say setup a good screen; is it comparable to Zacks Research wizard? or the Valueline screens on

    thanks for the input.
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    If you are serious about fundamental screening with historical backtesting there are 2 choices..HGSI or Portfolio123....Zacks is OK,but not on par with the other 2
  9. The new "Omnitrader Pro" with their Omnidata/Omniscan data feed can provide exactly what you are looking for. Fundamental and/or Technical screening and Backtest/Forward testing. You can code your own trading systems in Omnitrader Pro.:D
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