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Discussion in 'Options' started by Godspeed, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Godspeed


    Hi Folks,

    Has any used or subscribed to this service?

    I've emailed with the owner and the performance looks straight up and authentic. I'm putting this out there to see if anyone else has had any experience with this newsletter.

    The owner is Rick Rouse. There was no SCAM report when I googled for it on him or the company.

    Any feedback would be great cheers!!
  2. let me stop you - stay away from all options/stock services! if the service was so profitable why not just trade it, compound the money and buy the earth? the answer is it isn't otherwise they wouldn't be sharing it w/ you and everyone else and their brother and allow you to front run their trades (or in this case buy after they took a position).

    besides, after reviewing their past trades you can usually reverse engineer their strategy.
  3. Yes, it's a joke. Massive losers in actual trading. Stay away from Rick Rouse.
  4. Bry



    I had just requested by email their track record which they claim is totally transparent. They only sent me their covered calls track record, not the directional buy calls/puts that I wanted to look at. I re-requested the proper record last night, and if they don't send me the proper track record I will smell a fish, but too soon to say.

    I don't want to condemn all trading services like them, but most are definitely something I would stay away from. There probably are a few good ones, and momentumoptionstrading might me one. Don't know yet.

    Costs about $100/month.
  5. Bry


    well, they sent me their plain put/call track record...there was a scary string of losses in summer 2011 that might've made many throw in the towel; often the loss on a position is 100% at expiration

    they claim since inception of dec 2008, $10k would grow to over $700k

    but of course there are the disclaimers that note that the growth is perhaps only theoretical

    i was just curious; will study the track record some more; want to make my own decisions, though; not gonna pay someone to do what i already do

    if someone is inclined to crunch the numbers to see if they add up correctly, or to find any discrepancies, you can request the track record at or PM me and i will send a link

    apparently they work with some brokers who offer automated trading (to the best of their ability) so a busy person would not have to be ready to place the trades they sometimes alert twice in a day
  6. jerry2dt


    I've been studying this also and you can call me a skeptic but his 700% claim is just unreal to the point I'd suspect outright fraud. His pic shows a youngish guy and like someone else said if he's turning $10k into $700K why share as he would indeed "own the world" Man, is this biz full of landmines!!

    I will email and see if he's willing to share his records including drawdowns and commish...A chart showing all would be helpful or at least Excel format so one of us could do it.