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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Sponger, Jul 16, 2007.

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    I'm in the beginning stages of building a home "trading desk/station" from scratch. Anyone have any experience with the website and the multi-screen monitor setups they sell? How do they compare to buying individual components and setting it up yourself? More or less expensive etc?
  2. Nope:D
  3. A buddy of mine has a 3-screen 19" digitaltigers setup. He's happy. BUT... when you consider the fact they are widely available Samsungs, for less than $300 per, it's hard to justify a better than double price. And that may or may not include the brackets/mounting kit you want/need.

    My bud spent over $1700... for 3 - 19" Samsung monitors and wall mount kit, shipped. I say he overpaid. But he's happy, and they do look nice.

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    WOW look around and you can get 3 * 20" screen on an ergotron stand or wall bracket for less than that (20" far superior due to the fact you can run it on 1200*1600 res and fit more on)... or save yourself the hassle and just invest in 1 30" which has just as much res as the 3 19" if you have a video card that allows for 2560*1600 resolution...
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    That's the type of feedback I was looking for - so basically, you can put it together yourself for less money, right?
  6. Yes. Much less (apples to apples). But you may have to spend some time seeking out brackets/wall mounts/stands/etc whatever you want/need for your config.

    And like FBGS said, if you prefer to work with a fixed amount of cash, you can
    get higher quality components for the same (or better) cost as a digitialtiger setup.

    Osorico :)
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    Thanks Oso"Trade what you see"rico (great tag line)
  8. FGBS

    20"samsungs @ $310 pretax
    make sure you check your vid card and there are cables available that split 1 dvi outlet into 2 just fine so you can put 4 screens on a dual-dvi vidcard.
    22" dells @ $250... only negative aspect is you have to muddle around a little to be able to fit 4 poker tables on when the markets close ;)
    quadstand is $330

    if you have 2 left hands then unscrewing the back of the current stand on the samsungs or dells... will take 15mins... putting everything on the ergotron stand will take 1 hour to get everything perfectly straight.

    or the easy option $1300 for the 30" dell, just check your vidcard can go up to 2560*1600 res and you're all set... want uberspace get 2... :)

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    Thanks FGBS - I appreciate the feedback