Any Famous Relatives?

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    There were several prominent players in the Salem witch trials with my last name but I have no idea if I'm related, odds are probably against it.
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    I can proudly say that I am from the Kamehameha Dynasty.

    My real name is Pekelo, the XIXth. My father was Pekelo, the XVIIIth and so on, you got the picture. The founding father was Pekelo, the Zero, aka Kamehameha the Great. He also played the ukulele beautifully and was able to hop around on one leg for hours, while playing chess and making love to his 4 wives, all at once.

    Here is a pic of my great-great-.....-great-grandma, Pekelo, the Zero's fav wife:


    Elizabeth Kaʻahumanu (March 17, 1768–June 5, 1832) was queen regent of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi and a wife of Kamehameha I.
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    She's fat.
  6. This was before singles' bars and cable. She was fine in those days.
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    Probably all that was available in those days.
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    So you're descended from royalty but now you play the ukulele for drunks in cheap hotel bars. That's a rather sad state of affairs.
  9. be much more impressive if you were related to him
    true Hawaiian Royalty
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    Are you any relation to Chief Wannahokkaloogy?
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