Any experienced traders looking to automate?

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  1. Hello all,

    I'm looking for experienced traders that have interest in automating their strategies. I currently run an automated platform for myself and am finalizing my strategy for index futures markets. As I approach the end my next action would be to start creating more non-correlated strategies, however with my currently level of market knowledge I think time would be better spent working with successful traders to automate their strategies vs trying to expand on my own.

    Here are some specs of my system:
    - IB API
    - Python
    - MongoDB
    - Input symbols to grab data & input which strategies are on
    - data aggregation
    - strategy search
    - trade execution
    - trade monitoring/adjusting/exits
    - historical aggregation for backtesting

    Let me know if you have any questions. PM me if you're interested in discussing some type of partnership.

  2. No trader worth their salt, is going to give you the information you have requested.

    But, very nice try in getting something for nothing...

    "however with my currently level of market knowledge" Pass...
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  3. I would be providing a program that a trader could input their ideas into and automate them. Their IP would be protected, and the program would run on their own computer.
  4. Their IP is the least of their concerns. Would you be able to see their ideas in action? And therefore simply copy them? Why would a consistently profitable trader, with two brain cells, do something like this?

    Love when people want something for nothing. I came across a similar proposal, in 2013, in NYC. My answer was: I worked hard for 15 years, and you want me to tell you how I do things. Cool, do you have USD$3Million, and can you wire that amount into an escrow account, then maybe we can start! Never heard from the guy again :)
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  5. Howdy,

    Since you already possessed the technical skills, why not try to validate different trading ideas yourself to see which one is working.

    You might want to check out my YouTube channel, where I constantly updating to share how to get trading ideas, verifying trading strategies, and helping traders to build their own trading strategies:
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    Took a quick look at your video, you are just overfitting. If trading was so simple anyone with a computer can be filthy rich
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  7. Is there any practical evidence for you to say I'm overfitting?

    Since you don't know the process of how I optimized the strategy. (The truth is I haven't, I was only using the default parameters, so it's not overfitting).

    Not saying trading is simple, but having a statistical edge is definitely better than just guessing.
  8. I would not see their ideas run, the database is locally on the users computer. I would be helping code and implement the ideas so yes I think there will be a general understanding of what the user is doing. But in terms of copying, that's what I mean by protecting their Intellectual Property. A contract would prohibit me from using others IP. My IP is built into that technology as well so there's also risk on both sides.

    Also, an extremely experienced trader would have many strategies interested in automating and know valuable ways to adjust to new markets in the future. It would be in my best interest to be continually compensated for the automated value I provide to that trader allowing them to put more focus on optimizing ideas or growing new ideas, rather than me stealing the first few and ending the relationship.

    And my thought as to why a consistently profitable trader would work with someone to automate ideas is that they can turn their 1-2 hr a day low volume long term success into 50-100x more volume, expand sizing, expand product depth, explore new markets, and attack other edges that weren't possible with their allowable time.

  9. I have some strategies that I do run and I'm capable of creating more strategies but I consider time when factoring an optimal growth strategy. Giving up equity and putting more focus on areas of expertise I think can yield a better outcome compared to working entirely on my own.

    Good video, keep up the good work!

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    Many confuse 'overfitting' with 'curvefitting.'

    Curvefitting might be viable, if the 'fitting' lasts long enough, and;
    the strategy can quickly recognize when the fit no longer exists, and can flow (in your case) to another instrument that does fit (or stop trading until the fit resumes).

    Other systems will 'change up' the strategy into one (from its arsenal) that does fit, when the prior one stops 'fitting.'
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