Any experience with OmniPro from ITS

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by tradepro, Jan 26, 2004.

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    Does anyone have any experience with OmniPro from Integrated Trading Solutions?
  2. From their website material, it looks like it is designed for newbies with no clue.

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    why do you say that? Can one deduct from their website, that it is not a good program? what woud be a good program in your opinion
  4. I have used it. I felt that the executions were fast and the software was very reliable.

    I have traded at many firms and have used many platforms. This ranks as one of the best.
  5. Soon to be another "HLV Trading" topic, this thread:D
    But seems to be a good platform with lot of features
  6. Sorry, I thought you were referring to another program called "OmniTrader" by Nirvana.

    The names got me confused. I am obviously not familiar with the program you're inquiring about.

  7. check here:
  8. Anyone have anything new to add about Omni Pro. Would like to hear good , bad or otherwise. Also very interested in hearing from anyone who has automated anything with these guys (Nexa).
  9. I traded on Kawa from Sage now MLpro before ML raped it and did not support any new tools. They are building ML XTrade as the ML platform. ITS has more features and it reliable....we are testing the API now and will report back........TC
  10. the demo on omni pro looked like a joke. its for newbies like amtd's direct access. i think retail broker rml uses it
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