Any experience with LCG CurrenEX £¿

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  1. I compare LCG Currenex live account with IB£¬and i am sure Currenex has a Little better spread in E/U A/U U/J .
    commission is $15/m cheaper than IB.
    how about the execution£¿
    Is LCG a solid reputable broker£¿
    Is my funds safe £¨segregated£©£¿
    thanks for replies£¡

  2. Are you trading with them? How are they ?
  3. LCG = stock listed company - around 90 employees. Management consists of old London school names. Prime brokers JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley. Interbanking agency broker. No dealing desk.

    Currenex platform solid. If you need $25 million clip per side, "famous" JP Morgan liquidity will deliver.
  4. Paragone


    I'm also interested in any more info on this firm. I've spoken to a couple of people and they all said 'they heard good stuff about them', but its not exactly first hand knowledge.
  5. I have used London Capital for years and would recommend them.

    I do think currenex as a platform isn't as good as it was but LCG do offer alternatives.