Any experience with Cyborg Trading?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by xtrader22, Oct 31, 2009.

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    I'm interested in Cyborg Trading but would like some feedback from someone who has used is it for stability, speed, profitability, etc.?

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    Xtrader22, I can answer 2 out of your 3 questions. Stability is are VERY unlikely to have any crashes or failed executions with this product. Speed is also great. It does what you and I can't and it's capable of doing it on 50+ products at once if that's what you want. I've actually had trades that occured so quickly that I didn't even know I had a position until I looked at my executions. Those are the two questions I can answer clearly and confidently. The third question depends entirely on the trader. It's not like it has a profit switch that you simply flick on at 9:30am and off at 4:00pm. Your profitability still depends entirely on you, your strategies, and your creativity. Which actually brings me to my favorite thing about Cyborg. The creativity it allows. I originally started using it so I could take things I was already doing and start doing them better and over more stocks. The cool thing is, once you start using it and seeing all the features you start coming up with a whole bunch of new strategies that you simply could not have done before. For your reference, I am not a Cyborg employee and have been using the product for about 6 months.

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    I use cyborg on the prop side and will be using it once they get the IB feed up and running. So far, I'm very satisfied with the performance. They've made concerted efforts to continuously improve and accept customer input/suggestions. Stability is very good. At the moment I'm running it on Sterling... and sterling is performing horribly right now. The stops that I have set in the cyborg platform work well and are fast. Transactions take place faster than I can see and there are a couple of different programs that pay for the service itself. PM me if you have other questions.
    ... and no, I'm not an employee ... I'm a paying customer.
  4. We have several people that use Cyborg with Sterling Trader Pro, and they say it works quite well and is very easy to link. If you are looking to test it, I know Cyborg has a trial you can use and we have Sterling Trader paper trading demos. If you want to try it, shoot me a message and I will get you a Sterling Demo. Happy Trading :D
  5. REDI Platform... is a reliable platform... when are you going to port to REDI...

    thanks... edge
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    I've used Cyborg with Sterling and Trade-Ideas for a short time and agree with everything previously said. It's a great program that easily allows you to automate, and is very stable and fast.
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    We're currently in discussion about porting to REDI with Goldman Sachs. We are not sure when this will be available, but we are hoping to add it into our partners within 6 months.
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    We will be providing connectivity to Goldman through our new partner, Mixit. Their website is:

    This provides our customers with a very low latency, robust trading solution.
  9. Cyborg is good stuff, and so is Trade Ideas, and they work together great.

    My only issue is that the Odds Maker in TI seemed to overstate the odds of a strat working. But I only used the 10 free runs that are included when you first get it, so maybe I didn't use it enough to learn what the hell I was doing.
  10. just saw their pricing - seems as though they charge $2xx/month $4xx month and $2000/month for something that is mostly already included in most retail platforms.
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