Any experience with Abletrend?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by tetuan01, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. tetuan01


    It appears that Abletrend is a fully automated system ready to go out of the box. It has been voted a AAA system at Stocks and Commodities magazine for 12 years.

    So, does anyone have any experience with the system? Does it actually perform well? is their website.
  2. weitau


    I paid for 1 month trial of real time ablesys. I think it's not worth it. Their entry rules are so subjective, the program doesn't tell you want the entry points are. Inter-day might be different. It's basically a trend following system with money management stops.
  3. MaxHooker


    Nobody can give you an exact entry point - can you imagine someone could. All of us would be using it.

    Abletrend, or eASCTrend the older version, does give you information on conditions which might make a good entry point - I would suggest you get their learning CD with a cou[le of hours of instructions and live trading. I got it for eASCTrend 6.0 and don't know if there is one for Abletrend, but it should work just as well.

    I have used it for years and have yet to find a better one.
  4. weitau


    that's a good point. the program gives you several proprietary indicators which you can use to determine if there is a trading opportunity. A skilled person might be able to use their mental abilities to decide whether or not to take a trade. But if this is the case, it's not a "fully automated" system as the thread author requested.

    But to clarify for those who have not seen it, the program does NOT say "Buy" or "Sell". It does say, "this might be a good time to get in", or "you want to consider getting out". This still can be a good tool for someone, but in my mind, is not a trading system.
  5. W4rl0ck



    How's it going?

    Do all scam vendors monitor this website 24/7 or do they pay some other scam company to do it?

    Just curious how that works.

  6. MaxHooker


    Cut the nonsense - I am no scam vendor or whatever your imagination tells you. I am a retired engineer that daytrades for fun and money.

    About automatic entry - Abletrend does have an Auto Order Execution (AOE) module. It costs extra and I have never tried it, but I would like to and will eventually. I am afraid of a large drawdown, but you can monitor the trades. You can do that with IB and a few others and I wonder how it does. Of course I will test it with a free work account which anybody can get for the asking.

    I use Abletrend (2 min) in combination with Metastock (1 min) so I keep an uncluttered screen on Abletrend and all the indicators on Metastock - you could do that with Abletrend alone. I also use IB Booktrader for order entry and the cocmbination works for me, but you have to find your own.

    After a while you get to a point where y ou can use any of the free charting sites to trade. What you get from Abletrend is good support and resistance indicators and suggested stops. The most important ingredient, however, is experience.

    Happy trading