Any experience trading with Coinexx?

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  1. Does anyone have first-hand experience with Coinexx - good or bad? Both views are welcome.

    FYI - I'm talking about the crypto-broker here with a dot com not org. People are confusing both. One is legit and other seems sham. I'm only interested in knowing your experience with the broker, if anyone trades with them. They are listed on a very popular thread in Babypips as well. So far I like the demo, want to go live so thought will ask the veterans here on this forum as well. Thanks in advance.
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    Hey WildTrader, I might not be “the veteran” here but yes I have an account with Coinexx. It's been only couple of months now since I have been live with them. So far it is going pretty smooth. I have withdrawn thrice and they were processed in time. As far as conditions goes, if you have a demo with them, the live is as good as the demo account. Depending on which segment you are trading the spreads are top notch. Competitive when compared to my other brokers. No platform freezes or slippages so far. The look promising! Why don’t u go live with them as well and share your experiences with us. I feel when we have more experiences shared about them, we actually can tag them good or bad. If you want to go by my experience … they are VERY GOOD! Hope it help.
  3. Thanks @Innocie for sharing your experience. It certainly helps! I have been really intrigued to try their spreads on live conditions. From the reviews I have read about them, majority only speak about the spreads. Might test them with a small deposit next week and will share how it went. I would have started earlier but the other org website freaked me out. I wanted to be sure whether these guys are different or same. Anyways thanks.
  4. glad to see coinexx here. Just signed up with them 2 months back and I like trading on their spreads & comm. I'm not a very risk taking trader, I trade small lots with low leverage and with their conditions, I end up making some bucks. They are good to traders like me. I was really doubtful about going live with them. Since everything looked too easy to be true. Just signup deposit and voila. But I’ve grown to trust them since started trading with them. And I agree the spreads are truly amazing and the team is also very responsive. I don’t have to sit for days for them to get back to me.
  5. Does your broker support MT4? I could only find MT5 listed in the platforms?
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    That’s the question even I asked the support team of Coinexx. they currently support mt5 only on all devices, but as they confirmed and even saw their social announcements, MT4 is soon to launch. I am waiting too! But talking of their MT5, its also equally smooth and user friendly. Do you have any account with them yet?
  7. No I am just looking for a crypto fx broker and saw their name in the reliable broker list on many good forums. With people being so positive about them, now I am thinking of holding a live account soon. I can wait for MT4 even its coming soon. Any specific deadlines?
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    That I don’t know off. They were saying in approx, 2 weeks, they will launch MT4 platform. Lets see now. You can start on MT5 now if you wish.
  9. MT4 as well?? That sounds intriguing. I was always more comfortable working on MT4. It’ll be great if they launch it.
  10. Yes! I think I will start with coinexx MT5 and later jump on MT4.
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