Any experience hiring a programmer? Where should I look?

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    I probably will later tonight as I'm late for work now.

    Now, budgetary concerns is one thing, but my largest concern is probably sharing my work with others, especially on a forum with traders. I do believe I have some unique ideas and perspectives. Maybe I'm slow, but it's taken me quite a long while to figure out a lot of what I already have. So, I find that I have some issues sharing this...

    The advantage with those I'm currently using is that they don't seem to give a sh*t about trading. Also, the solution requires discretion to use (it's not some black box system that generates trading signals), so that's an added advantage in terms of people stealing my ideas...
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    Thanks! :)

    I'll say that for my current application, 90% + is already accomplished. At this point, it's more about optimizing it (it's slow) and possibly creating a better layout/front end.

    There shouldn't be any major changes with regards to logic or functionality.
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  3. userque


    I used rent-a-coder before they became . I used them to find someone to update old code in a website I co-administered. I prefered to pay someone that already knew that particular language rather than learn it myself...even though I'd been coding since my teens. (I believe time was of the essence.) I had no problems.
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    There's been some development.

    I got a reply from the CEO with an apology for not answering sooner and telling me he would help out with support during the next project. In fact, I was pissed because I've gotten the impression of being ignored as a not-so-important (i.e., small) customer and was preparing to leave ship.

    I will for sure complete this project with them and possibly also do the second I had in mind, but I'm certainly open for other options in the future (both short-term/long-term).

    Getting someone completely new now would involve having to spend a lot of time getting them up to speed, revealing 'business secrets' and also risk actually getting a worse job done. One other benefit with this company is that they're held liable and actually give me a 3 month guarantee. They always made good on this in the past and correct any mistakes I point out.

    The frustration lately has been mostly that I feel the current programmer is sub-par to the ones I first had in the company and mostly language issues. But, maybe that could be evened out if I could get some support inside the company.
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    Can any of you guys with hand on heart tell me that you have a consistently profitable system ?
    It may imho be impossible. After all consider what you are trying to do. Forecasting what some unknown people will do in the next few minutes/hours/days in terms of trading the instrument you have picked ? It's a tall order. Maybe we will have to wait till quantum computers are available as desktops.
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    In this case no any problem to get some money and hire Q&A team into your own office:)

    Like many programmers some traders believe they idea has a price. But the true is idea without implementation has a price = $0.

    Firstly, proove. Espesially for your self. And you will surprice how quckly other specialists will appear around you.

    You cannot find right guys because only one reason - no enough money (witch mean no successful trading).:D
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    Right guys are hard to find, even with the "right" amount of money. That's the nature of the game - the really good people are always in demand, have multiple offers and are hiding. Bad guys are all over the place.
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    A bit like good fundmanagers. Same problem.
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    There are many possible answers; some of them:
    1. You can only be profitable if you can what the mass cannot achieve. If not there would be too many winners and not enough losers. That would be mathematical impossible because the winners in general make lots of money and the losers lose smaller. So we need lost of losers to feed the winners.
    2. What looks impossible to you, can be possible for someone else.
    3. What looks impossible to you now, can be possible for you in futur.
    4. What looks impossible to you can be impossible for the entire world.
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    I hired a freelance programmer to do work for me in the past.
    The quality of the code you can vary a lot. In my experience, a good programmer will understand the business reason for your programming. Many programmers just want to start coding, but don't have any interest in understanding why the project exists in the first place. You must ensure your developer understands your business/intentions so that they know the real problem they are solving and not just the narrow scope of the project.
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