Any experience hiring a programmer? Where should I look?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Howard, May 22, 2017.

  1. Howard


    Good point. Obviously, as with everything, a task can be both small and large.
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  2. InvBox


    Ok. Seems I've got the wrong current the app's state.

    Wish you finish all features in the app.
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  3. Handle123


    Absolutely, as I have kept couple of them over ten years of doing part time each week, and since I manage their 401k for them, they throw in the programming, so comes out well. They both have gotten much faster and they often have some ideas themselves they share.
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  4. Howard


    I wasn't yet able to upgrade my software, but I'm looking into it now. The company I used in the past wants $ 1800 for the first thing I'm planning and estimates it to be one week of work.

    Certainly well above what I had in mind budget wise, but maybe it's unrealistic to expect to get it done for anything less.

    I've considered other options, but then I'll have to go through a lot of headache explaining them the logic and so on. Also, there's the risk of ending up with some crappy programmer and a job poorly done.

    So, maybe I simply have to pay up.
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  5. Sig


    It sounds like you already realize this so I'll just provide you some outside validation; A 40 hour week for $1,800 comes out to $45/hour. That's a very good price for a full time programmer, let alone a freelancer who has to charge extra for the lumpiness of their workflow and to cover their expenses.
    Software development is very much a "get what you pay for" field. If you found someone who's already done good work for you not only is the price fair but you'd almost certainly spend more money and encounter more frustration, not to mention opportunity cost, as you went through 3 sub-par experiences to get back to your original dev. Negotiate a $100 off from your original dev so you feel good about it, and feel blessed you have a good dev you can trust.
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  6. fan27


    What language is your app written in? I might be able to help.
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  7. fan27


    I am currently working with a guy on UpWork to help build a prototype in EasyLanguage. This is part of a larger project where my system will generate EasyLanguage code but I just need a good example of certain things being programmed with EasyLanguage before I can proceed to the next phase. I will report back how it works out with the developer.
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  8. Howard


    Thanks, guys. I decided to let them get the job.

    The developer ain't THAT good and there has been some frustration on my end, but it gets done in the end. So, for the cost, I think I should be satisfied. :)
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  9. Howard


    So, my programmer is currently completing my upgrade on this project. It's not horrible, but I'm not really satisfied either. I feel the main problem is language barrier and miscommunication. It's hard to communicate the finer points with someone who had to use Google Translate to translate the word December.

    Currently in the process of sending stuff back and forth, i.e., approving of what he's done. Sent him a large list yesterday. Got the new application back and there was still like 3/8 from my old list that was not fixed. Maddening.

    It's a very frustrating process.

    I'm doing a second upgrade in addition to this also and I have considered other alternatives (Upwork? Guru?). But, perhaps this is what I'm left with considering my budget.

    I was so happy the first time around as I was getting royal treatment when this company was getting into business. Very intelligent advice and great communication all the way. Now, I'm a low priority customer for sure, probably left with their worst programmer.
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  10. Humpy


    The bottom line is whether the programme once coded up is profitable.
    If you are not code savvy you will never know why it isn't profitable. Is it the details you supplied or the coder's fault ? have a step by step freelance section where the money is paid upfront to let the coder know he has money coming and if there is a dispute they will arbitrate. They charge 10% for this service. It helps if you understand/speak Russian.
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