Any experience hiring a programmer? Where should I look?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Howard, May 22, 2017.

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    This is something that makes no sense... I can't understand how can someone that has a valueable idea think that he/she will hire a programmer to make it "come to life" and expect that the programmer won't "steal" or "copy" the idea for himself and just quit programming for others for peanuts altogether.
    Surely logic shows that anyone who does this, has no actual valueable idea and is just fooling himself... Which means that the programmer will receive his peanuts and the person will just get a useless "programmed strategy".
    I mean... WTF???? If the guy has the idea and knows how to code his own idea... I can understand that...
    But there is no way to code an idea for someone else e not understand it, even if the work is divided among different programmers, otherwise it would be impossible to code it... So that brings us again to the same idea: the only way to do this is to literally give the keys of the safe with the "Goose that Lays the Golden Eggs" in it.:rolleyes:
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  2. Thanks, Neotrader. I am not looking for anything PROPRIETARY, but I do need help with implementing charting, linking to Realtick, alerts, etc. all through Excel into Realtick. I do not have the "golden goose or golden egg".

    I hope this "makes sense" to you now.

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    Good luck with that...:)
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    Well, for me, what I'm developing isn't an automated strategy, but rather a set of tools that helps me read the market and I already feel I've divulged too much by saying that. It does require discretion, skill, knowledge and brains to use. There's no way a programmer without any market knowledge would be able to use this. In fact, even a programmer with some market experience would probably not either.

    Do you understand better now...?

    Anyway, what you're mentioning is also part of the reason I prefer to stay with the company I've already done business with since I'd hate to put my ideas out into the open one more time.

    This company is currently completing my project, but it's been frustrating and time consuming. Typically, I point out errors and get 50% of it fixed. Then I have to point out the same errors one more time to get them fixed. Very frustrating.

    But, the job gets done eventually and for what I'm paying, I guess I should be happy...
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    No, I don't. Simplicity is better... Too much bells and whistles are usually worthless... This is more of a "one brain" thing... If you need to much stuff and to involve too much people in your trading, you're probably fooling yourself. True traders are absolute loners... Hermits... But I have no idea what you do, so this is just an opinion... I wish you the best regardless:).
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    Feel free to disagree regarding that, although you have to admit that it's hard to disagree with something you have 'no idea' about according to yourself.

    Point is - I'm not overly afraid of intellectual theft with this particular company at the moment, but yes, I wouldn't be comfortable laying out all my logic to a new company and take that risk. Which is why I haven't spoken more about it on these forums or even to people who PM-ed me.
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    I think some guys are being too paranoid. So the programmer has understood your system. So what. One more person knowing won't make a bit of difference to the market price.
    The " get off - it's all mine " is just ridiculous. 99% are crap anyway. The programmer is probably having a good laugh
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    Hi, I need someone for develop a tool for Sierracharts, can you help me?
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    I'm a bit late discovering this thread...but can offer my services as an experienced finance/trading systems developer. My main areas of expertise are C# .net, Excel (building add-ins and writing VBA) and Azure - also I've just started learning Python. On the finance side I have experience of several finance APIs such as FIX, Bloomberg and IG Index as well as trading/markets knowledge and experience.

    Contact me at

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    What's your hourly rate?
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