Any expereince with Andover?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by cgjung, Apr 2, 2003.

  1. cgjung


    Anybody have any opinions as to whether Andover
    is a competent and well operated firm?

    Any balance sheet risk? etc

    And their platform Hammer..


    Do a search....there are many threads on Andover and every other firm.

  3. I was with them, but i left them some time ago...I got a much better deal from shill Securities....better commissions, better software....there's an old thread on shill Securities, inc. under pro firms.
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    Taking about 1 minute of research I came up with these previous threads discussing Andover:

    I just wish ET didn't make it so hard to find things (chuckle), and that it was much easier, y'know, like trading.... :eek:
  5. Magna

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    By the way, here's a link to Shill Securities:

    Probably as fine a firm as many....
  6. Huh?
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    Finally a new member that for sure isn't another alias of FPC's

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    The search feature on here is one of the most productive tools you will find on the web. Just bc someone hasn't posted on something you're interested in the past 24hrs, doesn't mean its not on here. Do a search on ANDOVER and you will find plenty. If a question/issue has not been brought up, post it, and if you're not ripped apart, someone might actually help.

    Sorry to the mod if the bulk of this post is ot, it just amazes me that few people use probably the best feature on the site. Good luck with what you find. :)