Any ex-Nasdaq scalper/momentum traders come back over the last few months?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by downtickboy, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. I wanted to see if there are any old Nasdaq momentum trader/scalpers who have returned to the game. I am not talking about liquidity traders but scalpers that would trade for 5-25 cents doing a decent amount of shares and trading off of futures movements. Most of the people that I know who traded this way 1.5 years ago (and were doing very well then) had switched over to trading NYSE stocks. However over the last few months there has definitely been an increase in volume, volatility, along with a significant price increase in many old nasdaq daytrading favorites like qcom, brcm, and the internet stocks. However it seems many of the large cap high volume NYSE stocks have not been giving the same kinds of opportunites as they had been several months ago so I am kind of wondering if I have been missing the boat by not going back to nasdaq.

    So basically I would like to see if any of the old traders have had any success scalping nasdaq stocks again. I played around with a couple nasdaq stocks today, which I basically have not traded for about a year, and was quite impressed with the movements. However today seemed a little out of the ordinary for volatility so I am wondering if others are having some success again with them on more normal days.
  2. Thats how I trade everyday. If you would like to kick around some ideas let me know.

  3. lol, can't hack it on the nyse anymore, huh??
  4. daytraderpete I will PM you.

    I guess the crap fills and artifically restricted movements get tiring battling everyday. Besides many of the nasdaq stocks are showing more volume and volatility which is better for scalping for me. Actually when I moved over to NYSE I was doing really well for months trading large cap liquid stocks. However if institutional and fund money are back in nasdaq stocks I would prefer to trade there where I get quicker executions. Although I don't know if today was a total exception but scalping the nasdaq stocks today reminded me of the easy and consistent trading I had with them 1.5 yrs ago.

    Any other ex-Nasdaq traders move back over?
  5. yeah, specialists are pretty shady these days.......
    have you been able to make any coin trading nyse lately??

    i've been looking at naz, but it only accounts for about 10% of my trading- its just too fast and sometimes the liquidity just isn't there.....I'll stick to the NYSE where I make consistent money
  6. That is funny because I think for the most part the large cap nasdaq stocks are more liquid. True they can break fast, but it goes both ways. IT also means you can get out fast when you want. However NYSE has advantages too. Really I was just trying to see if some EX nasdaq scalpers have looked at that market again in the last few months since I have not really focused to much on those stocks in the recent months. I know a year or so again a crap load of nasdaq traders were either hanging it up until things picked up again or they moved to trading listed.