Any event 40 minutes ago?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by heilbronner, Nov 26, 2003.

  1. Or was this just triggering some stops?
  2. ig0r


    the market at it's best
  3. pspr


    I only saw oil/gas reserves dropped. Gold up, dollar down, oil up a little.

  4. Just some profit taking ahead of the 4 day weekend.
    This is a retracement of the 1388.50 NQ breakout from Monday.

    Nothing to be concerned about until Monday.
    Look at it as a second chance for those that missed the ES & NQ breakout on Monday.

  5. Apart, good call your short in NQ. Keep on posting. :)
  6. ramora


    Euro heading toward 1.20, gold heading toward $400. Bonds/Notes lower.

    Anything with a $ relationship is moving.

    This is in spite of good econ reports this morning. (IMHO)

    December could be interesting. If Craver's projection of a Melt-up is going to happen, it should be showing.

  7. thanx

    have a happy turkey day.
  8. and still holding my ES SHORT position trade...

  9. hearing on the sqauwk..that an unknown substance found on NYC subway..people are feeling sick..

    Reason for last break under 1050
  10. Yes, maybe someone farted in a big way. :p
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