Any ETF Daytraders?

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  1. Anyone here daytrading etf's? I haven't looked at these in years. I remember the one big complaint before was that most traded on the amex thus the fills were lousy. Are these still shortable on a downtick?

    Any good websites where I can brush up on these?

    Any daytrade something like GLD?

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  3. Things have changed. Forget AMEX, you can use INET, ARCA, BRUT,etc. OIH rocks, also EEM.

    Stockcharts has some good stuff for ETF's. Also, has loads of material.
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    IWM -its the ETF for the Russell 2000. Watch ER2U6 (the futures)and the tick.

    Instant fills, it's almost like trading the emini.
  5. ETFs are FUN!

    QQQQ (Nasdaq 100)
    ONEQ (Nasdaq Composite, tracks like Qs but higher Price, lower Vol)
    SPY (S&P 500)
    DIA (Dow Industrials)
    IWM (Russell 2000)
    IW* (other Russells' = )

    GLD (hmmm?)
    IAU (like GLD on lower Vol)
    USO (US Oil)
    OIH (oil common stocks)
    XLE (oil, gas, & energy stocks)
    IYK (Dow Consumer Goods; 52wk range of $51-$55, why would anyone want that?)

    EWZ (Brazil stocks)
    FXI (China 25)
    EEM (Emerging Mrkts)
    EWJ (Japan TokyoSE; 52wk range of $10-$15)
  6. the way i see it, QQQQs have broken out down, SPY is on the border, DIA is still correcting...

    Dead Cat Bounce...

    add SMH i suppose ;)
  7. or did you mean DBC?

    yeah, corn, thats where its at ;)
  8. Thanks for the list, didn't know a few of those, although I don't know much about ETF's anyways.
  9. Which ETF will be good for Option selling? Thanks
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