Any ES night traders?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Kubinec, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. Kubinec


    I mean 0000 to 0930 ET.

    Overnight frequently has nice trendy moves and it is slow-moving. Does anyone here trade it?

    I tried twice same night and lost almost 1K (1 point stop-loss). Being tempted to try it again.
  2. I have done considerable nighttime ES trading along with GC, CL and many others (when Wheat was going crazy I did that too).

    If you're loosing money on a one point stop, change your trading methodology. Go to one contract with bigger stops.

    Look at some charts and see what time of night the products you want to trade form a peak in the direction opposite of the market direction. 0330 am is often a good time - see if it's doing that these days.

    That's the best advice I can give you. Find the pattern and start small. As you suceed with small trades, leverage up slowly and slightly.
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    I'll take that into account, gookin. Thanks!
  4. If you live in the US, I dunno why you would trade at night. Im from Australia and I trade at night just so I can be awake when its daytime in the US.
  5. I trade ES at night when I can't sleep. Easy money if you know the right strategy for slower moving market .....:D

    I also sometimes trade the 6B(british pound future) at night...even nicer, bigger moves....:cool:
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    Really, nice trendy moves.. what time frame on avg?
  7. I trade NQ after hours but I'm on the west cost USA and my broker resets at at 9:00 by the time I restart get back on line the move is over and then is bet time to get up at 5:00 before the enouncements, but I get some good moves AH ........:cool: :cool: :cool:
  8. So what's the strategy for trading the ES at night?
  9. Its quite simple really;
    1. Dont loose money
    2. Make money
    3. Buy low, sell high
    4. Sell high, buy low
    5. Dont loose money
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    Really "clever". But, you are using a technical term I am not familiar with. Can you elaborate on the term loose money? Since we are discussing night trading, I am thinking this may be similar to loose women. Am I correct? Thanks.
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