Any equity/futures traders in Egypt or Dubai?

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  1. Let's see show of hands :)
  2. Hi Cariocas,

    I have just recently moved to Dubai and I trade futures and fx.


  3. Anyone trades US futures from Sharm El Sheik ?

    Anyone knows the quality of a broadband internet connection to the USA (Chicago - based broker)?

  4. cairo here, let me know if you want to hook up somewhere.
  5. GBL


    are there any Prop firms in Dubai?

    Do the investment banks employ proprietary traders in dubai?
  6. wow ... you can get internet in sinai ?

    gosh ... do you feel safe there these days ?

    I have only been to dahab ... did not venture down to sharm

  7. I have recently moved to Doha, Qatar and am currently trading US equities via local ADSL connection. QTel offers a very good service here for 400QR/mo for 2G broadband. Market hours are 4:30-11:00 PM local time so it fits nicely with my business obligations.

    I am Interested in exploring Trading opportunities on the regional exchanges and would welcome any contacts or information on the subject. Currently trade retail with Assent/QCharts and hold Series 7, 55 and 63 licenses. With the current volatility in the Saudi, Kuwait, UAE and Qatari exchanges I would expect lots of opportunities.
  8. I know that Ritz Carlton offer the customer in room a 512K broadband dsl connection for about $38 a day! :p
  9. Having nasdaq Series 7,... is very useless in middle east
  10. Anyone is willing to tracert (trace route) an IP to Chicago to check the latency in ms from the Egypt?

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