Any Ensign users for EUR/Asian Index Futures?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by maxinger, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. maxinger


    I have been using Ensign Charting software for trading US Index Futures. It is fantastic

    Anyone using Ensign Charting software to trade EUR/Asian Index Futures?
  2. moarla


    i was on the Eurostoxx50 and the DAX. But a q:
    what should be the diff between US and EUR? always bars....
  3. maxinger


    Hi. the Chart for trading EUR or US index equities should be quite similar. By the way, which brokers are you using to trade EUR index? i want to make sure the broker is also providing data feed to Ensign
  4. Ensign was optimized to run with ES and the US futures and stocks.

    You'll have minor problems with the european products ... but for heaven's sake stay away from the Asian products or you'll have a disaster.
  5. moarla


    i had NO problems with european products.
    (ESTX50, DAX, GBL...etc)

    i dont understand the diff between asian and US markets???
    there are only numbers comming in in a database????
    you mean that US numbers are different then asian or european numbers ???

  6. moarla


    I use IB, you need to subscribe for europe - data