any emini prop firms?

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  1. Anybody know of any emini prop firms? A link or website?
  2. For what, more leverage?
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    Futures are leveraged enough!
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    I know of one in Toronto (the name escapes me atm). No risk deposit, in-office only, 50-50 split. Of course, you start in demo mode, then 1 contract, then 2 etc. With eminis I'm not sure it's worth it though, how many contracts would a prop firm let you trade that you couldn't afford yourself soon enough? Keeping in mind that there are many brokers that will let you trade 50 contracts with 500/day with 25K you can trade that (suicidal imo) with no split...
  5. Global futures told me that I can only trade 1 contract per 500.00 margin. In order to trade two contracts, then we need $1K. Ten contracts, we need 5K, and so on.
  6. At the current price of 1015 an ES contract is worth $50,750. $500 margin gives you more than 100 to 1 leverage. Isn't that more than enough leverage for you?

    For the average (losing) trader $500 margins are the fast way to empty out their account while paying plenty of commissions.
  7. An Emini futures contract is to a prop firm as a silver cross is to a vampire.
    I was on a prop firms chat site once and mentioned the pre-market nasdaq futures levels. I was warned about even MENTIONING futures there by the moderator.
  8. +1

    I cannot believe that brokers advertise this or that people think

    it is a neat feature.
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    There are several IB's that will let you trade with a $500/contract performance bond, what exactly are you looking for?

    You will not find a lower requirement anywhere.
  10. the rule is to buy 1 contract per 4 performance bonds. So with $2K in your global futures account and 500.00 margins, then you can only trade 1 contract at time. If you trade 1 contract with one performance bond of $500.00, then if that ES contract goes down 1 tick; the broker will sell your contract from under you. If there is a futures prop firm that will match her performance bond and allow her to trade 100 contracts instead of just 1 contract and they split the money and she pays the commission, then thats a good deal. I couldn't find any futures prop firms that offer this. Anybody else know of any?
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