any easy way to get refreshable stock quotes in excel?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by doublet83, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. I remember there used to be an MSN finance add-in that you can download where you can just use the following function to put a refreshable stock quote into a cell in excel.

    "=MSNStockQuote.Functions.MSNStockQuote("MSFT","Last Price","US")"

    However, I don't think this add-in is available anymore and I don't think it works for excel 2007. I know excel 2007 has the ability to add 'smart tags' to certain cells that allow you to pull a refreshable stock quote, however, when it is selected it gives this giant 10x 7 cell window filled with all this other uncessary information and graphics. I would like to have something that simply gives you the quote in one cell.

    Help would be greatly appreciated..
  2. ThinkorSwim allows you to dump auto-refreshing quotes to Excel with the DDE interface, so you might give that a try (I'm pretty sure it works with their demo account, but I haven't verified). I forget the format and it's been awhile since I've used it, but you can find the info on their website.
  3. wow i never thought of putting it excel. what's the benefit of putting the quotes in excel as oppose to the other stock management softwares?
  4. Thanks, I will try ToS. Wonder if there's a way to do this with IB? Feel like there should be with their excel API, although I'm not very faimilar with its workings.

    As for why someone would want quotes in excel, well, the answers are many and varied.

    Excel is a well known platform that many are comfortable with. One can imagine many ways one would want to manipulate live stock data in the context of excel.

    Personally, I am working on a quant strategy that requires live quotes. If you want to create a financial model like a comp table, where values are recalculated based on live stock prices, you can use lives quotes in excel to do that. If you want to create a portfoilo watch page where your positions and any customizable risk factors are updated in real time, live quotes can help you. Obviously excel is quite user friendly and flexible, so you can create templates that fit your needs.