Any drugs, herbs, or dietary supplements that improve trading?

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  1. Gingko biloba is a natural supplement that is supposed to improve memory and mental performance. Anyone using it or recommend it? A lot of people drink coffee every morning because caffeine helps them stay awake. I find that caffeine causes me to become anxious and take a lot of impulsive trades while trading. Are there any other stuff out there that does not have side effects, but are beneficial in improving mental functions?

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    Lots of X-LAX.

  3. Try some crack cocaine.
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    Lots of Booze
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    Don't lose sight of the obvious - stay hydrated - preferably with
    good 'ol water...

    Lack of fluids slows everything down...starting with your brain!
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  7. 90% of supplements are a scam.
  8. exercise works the best for me.
    1/2 hour in the morning before market open.
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    DR. Van Tharp mentioned walking;
    improves blood circulation & noticed a growing trend in that medical recommendation also.:cool:

    Love learning - Solomon,trader king
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    Tea and red grapes can slow than the aging process. Should be good for trading too.

    For temporary relief of depression symptoms due to a losing streak, chocolate will help.

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