Any drug to help make u a better trader?

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    I was reading Mike Matusow's book on how he was able to take certain drugs to be able to focus better to win a poker bracelet. Are there any legal drugs that will make you be able to focus better to trade better?
  2. caffeine or potassium come to mind
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    You have to know your own chemical make up. What is beneficial for one individual may actually be counter productive for another.
  4. Vyvanse, shouldn't be that hard to acquire if you really want it from a medical professional.

    Btw, some people should never take drugs either.
  5. small dose of aderrall may help if you trade on a system based approach opposed to intuition.

    basically you want anything that boosts your serotonin (makes you happy) while at the same time doesn't dupe you into thinking that every trade you make is an instant winner.
  6. One time I took shrooms ... and I know I was probably hallucinating but we were in a hotel - and I saw the price action charts written all over the wallpapers...everything was soo clear I thought I had it all figured out.. I thought I knew. Everything just clicked that night...then when I sobered up - I didnt remember half the stuff I
    "saw" ...yet alone was too scared to trade while hallucinating. LOL true story tho...
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    The doors of perception :)

  9. !!! I wish I had that experience. i did shrooms once and spent like an hour looking into the mirror upside down, standing on my head with body against the wall then in the reflection i saw in the background my computer monitor that had a chart open and it looked so perfect. so i spent the next 3-4 hours looking at charts upside down until i realized that life is just a trend, it never ends, there is a god and i'm near my 52 week low.
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    and "here's Tom with the weather". Apologies to the late Bill Hicks
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