any doom and gloom marc faber fans here ?

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  1. wow this guy has some dire predictions for the United States. scarry
  2. He seems to be sugar-coating so as not to panic us sheeple...
  3. lmao. If he's sugar-coating it, I'd hate to hear his real thoughts.

    Give me a shot of arsenic and a noose.
  4. Good idea to "save your last bullet"... so you don't get taken alive...
  5. Faber has stated before to him WWIII has started already.
  6. I liked his last piece a lot... It's scary, but I agree with him on many points.
  7. Faber has mist very few moves these last 12 months.

    Spring 2008:

    Buy the yen

    Summer 2008:

    Buy the dollar
    Short oil and commodities

    Fall 2008:

    Buy goldminers
    Citi could go from 3$ to 10$ (it did) before it goes to 0 (it went to 0.97)

    Spring 2009:

    Buy the Euro, Canadian dollar, Ausie dollar
    Sell the Yen
    Stockmarket rally coming
    Buy C (it could go from 1 to 5 (it went from 1 to 4,80))

    Quite amazing.

    And it's free!

  8. Debaser,

    Does he have a newsletter I can sign up for?

    Also, is he or was he running a fund that lost a lot of money in the past couple of years, or am I getting him confused with another doom and gloom bear?
  9. He does have a newsletter called 'The Gloom Boom & Doom Report ' which can be subscribed to here:

    Besides that he is a regular on Bloomberg and CNBC where he gives advice out all the time.

    Don't think he is the one you are thinking about as far as that fund blowing up but I could be wrong so you might want to look into that a bit further.

  10. Faber nails it again.:)

    Dollar is going to rebound. (June 1 newsletter)

    Stockmarkets are going to correct next 10 days money to be made short! (last friday.)
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