Any Dependable cell phones you can day trade on?

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  1. For example if you want to trade on the beach with some beautiful women and some cold ones. :cool:

    More specifically I want a cell phone that can trade the e-mini futures.
  2. I've had an iPhone (original version) for quite a while and been happy. TOS has an app out for it now if you use them.
  3. Can you trade the e-mini futures on it?
  4. I don't play with those, so I don't know if the TOS app allows. What platform do you use now?
  5. For TD AMERITRADE users there is iStockManager for the iPhone and the Blackberry Storm (Bold version coming soong).

    It has streaming data, charts, stock and option trading, and much more.

    Visit to get more info.

    The Blackberry Storm version is currently in beta testing, anyone with a Storm and a TD AMERITRADE account who wants to try it out can send an email to :

    blackberry at istockmanager dot com
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    you could always just tether your cell phone to your laptop for internet and trade on the laptop.
  7. vita


    Verizon Wireless Broadband is quite robust in NYC. With a USB modem on a laptop, you get ~1.5Mb/256k download/upload speed.
  8. Crav


    with the VZ broadband wireless there is some latency of course so the speeds wont be like you're sitting at home
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