Any Democrat who wants to be President should just start an impeachment hearing

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bungrider, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. What a bunch of morons! It's like they've got "kick me in the balls" written all over their faces! They just want to lose!

    Some no-name has almost 50% of the registered Dem vote JUST for opposing the war!

    Whoever starts the impeachment hearings can be President.

    Although, they could never impeach the shithead (Clinton wasn't impeached either) since most of them voted for the war, too! Dumya's McCarthy-style tactics WORKED! Just like it did for Gehring and Hitler...

    But then again, many of the republicans in the impeachment hearing had a shady past!! (Like strom "sperminator" thurman) and true to form, they still managed to pull off a "holier than thou" impeachment hearing on slick willie!!!

  2. Clinton WAS impeached. He wasn't removed from office. What brand of history do you subscribe to?

  3. bad! i was furiously typing and lost my head.