Any decent trading contests out there?

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  1. Preferably one that allows intraday trading. Seems like most of the trading contests done by Etrade and others are extinct now.
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  3. lycos finance

    $3k each month first place, $2k second, $1k third.

    $500 each week for largest % gain that week.

    free entry, start with $200k, long only, no commissions, stocks $5 and up, no more than 25% of portfolio in one stock, 20 or 30 minute delay on executed orders.

    looking at past winners, you have a really good chance of winning if you can turn that 200k into 350k-400k. leader this month is at 282k.

    seems reasonable to me.. sounds like a good way for a budding swing trader to test their skillz.
  4. Carol, you get enough monkeys in a room, and they'll type out Shakespere eventually.
  5. My name is not Carol.

    And there are only 150 monkeys in that room.
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    I wish the Wall St. Journal had a trading challenge.
  7. Of course it has to be real money! Its completely different when its real. How many people paper trade effectively first, and then lose when actaully trading real money. I would say most.


  8. CaroKann (got it right this time) , all you need is 150 monkeys playing with fake money and some short term volitility. Instant genius.

    Hey, the guy might be a superstar, but I wouldn't bet on it from such a small sample.
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    Yesterday I've entered this game. Today, looks like they made the first mistake. My SEPR stocks are up 100% ! :D
    Take a look at my portfolio.
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